Be aggessive and overcome the flu

Student using handsantizer to prevent the spread of the flu

Student using handsantizer to prevent the spread of the flu

Due to the large number of student absences, it is clear that the flu season is in full swing.
With so many students and teachers out with the flu, it is important to figure out how the remaining faculty and students can avoid catching the virus.
To avoid the flu, it is first key to understand what causes it. According to WebMD, the flu can only be caused by virus types A, B, and C, while the common cold can be caused by more than 100 different viruses.
According to WebMD,  Type A and B viruses are responsible for the large flu epidemics, while the Type C flu virus is more stable and usually causes less severe respiratory symptoms. WebMD has also documented that the flu vaccine can only protect against the type A and B flu viruses because there is no flu shot available for the type C virus.
Sophomore Madison Kroner believes she knows how she caught the flu.
“[The flu spreads] through contact. I think I got it from my friend Julie who also had the flu. After being around her for awhile, I began to feel sick,” said Kroner.
A tip Kroner had for avoiding the flu and not missing school due to being sick was simply to “wash your hands frequently.”
Melinda Landis, the school nurse, also advises students to wash their hands and offers some other tips for preventing the flu.
“Students should cover their mouth with their arm and be sure to stay home if they are sick. They also shouldn’t share drinks with other people,” said Landis.
Sophomore Brodie See gave some symptoms to watch out for prior to suffering from the flu.
“Some symptoms I had were a sore throat, aches all over my body and a fever,” said See.
If students have these symptoms they should be sure to stay home, get a lot of rest, and drink plenty of water.

   WebMd recommends that the current flu epidemic should be taken very seriously, and all precautions possible should be taken to stay healthy.