Diana Kelbaugh Helps Local Animal Shelter

Mia Kobylski, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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  Freshman Diana Kelbaugh wanted to help rescue pets  have better lives, so she found a creative way to raise money for a local no-kill animal shelter.

  Diana makes and sells wax soy candles and melts for $10 each, donating a portion of the profits to Animal Rescue Inc.    

“I kinda just wanted to do something to help the community, and I really like animals, so that was one way I could help them easily without going and volunteering, because I wasn’t old enough,” said Kelbaugh.

Kelbaugh and her mom interact with customers at their booth during the New Freedom Fest. Photo courtesy of Julia Kelbaugh.

  Diana’s mom, Amy Kelbaugh, has seen her daughter’s passion for animals ever since she was little.

  “Ever since Diana was a little girl, she’s enjoyed playing, with animals and she dog-sits in our neighborhood, so she’s always been passionate,” said Kelbaugh. “She’s talked about being a veterinarian and now she wants to be an equine therapist, so she wants to work with people and horses for her job.”

  Diana has had her business for just over a year and plans to continue for at least the next 4 years until she graduates high school.

 Since starting, Diana has donated more than $300 to the shelter, something she is proud of.

  “I think we’ve been quite successful because we’ve made over $300 for the shelter. Especially since it’s just me mostly working on it by myself…,” said Kelbaugh. “A lot of people have started buying them and then we got to go to the New Freedom Fest which was nice.

  Recently she had the opportunity to sell her candles at the New Freedom Fest along with her family, a big step for her business.

 “She sold 44 candles at the New Freedom Fest which was her biggest venue that she sold candles at,” said Amy Kelbaugh, “But she’s very organized, she’s very personable when she sells things and she’s passionate about raising money for the shelter, so I think that motivates her to do well.”

Kelbaugh’s colorful display of candles draws in customers. Photo courtesy of Julia Kelbaugh.

 Diana has the support of her family, as they have been involved in her business from the beginning.

  “My mom has helped cover some of the costs when I don’t have enough money right there, my sister has helped make candles with me, and they’ve all supported me and told me I’m doing really well,” said Diana Kelbaugh.

  In the future, Diana would like to fund-raise, donate supplies, and  eventually volunteer.