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Bands March into Band Night

October 6, 2017

Students marched into Band Night, during the football game on Friday, September 29.

  Students from the middle school band and also the marching band joined together for an amazing pregame performance.

Students are engaged and focused on their tasks. Photo By: Chris Coulson

  Middle school band teacher Justin Presley thought that both groups put on a solid performance for their field show.

  “Some groups tend to get nervous once they perform ‘for real’ in front of an audience.  Our group sounded exactly the same as they did in our rehearsals.  It was a great success,” said Presley.

  The bands performed the pieces “Alma Mater,” “The Star Spangled Banner,” “War Path,” “Buggie-Woogie-Bugle Boy” and “Americana.”

  When picking these pieces to play, Presley had the audience in mind.

  “When I pick music for Band Night, I have to find music that will be entertaining for the audience, not too difficult to the middle school students to play, and yet still be challenging enough to produce a quality performance,” said Presley.

   Middle school student Zack Rogari plays the trumpet and enjoyed Band Night.

   “My favorite thing about Band Night is that I got to play with the high schoolers,” said Rogari.                                 

    Middle schoolers also got the chance to practice on the field with the marching band.    Before the combined performance the marching band put on their production “Matter of Time.”

   Senior Kee Moss is the co-drum captain for the marching band and also participated in Band Night when he was in middle school.

  “The high schoolers teach them the basics, the bare basics, for it. So it prepared us for what marching band was going to be like,” said Moss.

    Presley also enjoyed teaching the middle schoolers about what marching band was all about.

   “My favorite thing to teach the middle school students about marching band is the history of marching band.  Marching band originated with the military, so it’s fun to teacher the militaristic commands and discipline,” said Presley.

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