Lent Begins 40 Days of Sacrifice for Some

Photo Courtesy of: austindiocese.org

Photo Courtesy of: austindiocese.org

Autumn Polanowski, Reporter

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   Lent begins the countdown until Easter as students and staff begin to test their strength and willpower for the next 40 days.

Photo Courtesy of: austindiocese.org

Lent is a Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Methodist practice that starts from Ash Wednesday (March 1, 2017) until Easter Sunday (April 16, 2017). It is the season of prayer and fasting before Easter.
Some students and staff have decided to fast by giving up a habit they love.
Erin Kaliszak is Catholic and participates in lent every year with her family.
“I gave up soda. It’s very difficult because I’m such a soda drinker,” said Kaliszak. “Lent, I think, is a time for people to step back, and it almost gives you more appreciation for what you have and what you were given.”
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