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Artist of the Week: Sam Steines

Dan McNair, Video Editor

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Steines on a trip to NYU. Photo by Lucas Miller.

Senior artist Sam Steines’ collection of work has earned him a spot as this week’s Artist of the Week.

According to math teacher Ryan Leiphart, this is a well deserved recognition.

“Sam is a hard working student who always perseveres to do his best. I’ve had Sam in class for two years. He is always a nice guy, easy to get along with. He’s friendly to everyone in class and helps them along with whatever they need,” said Leiphart.

Throughout high school, Steines has spent a great deal of time working closely with fine arts teacher Wade Bowers.

Steines has completed each and every class taught by Bowers including Photography I and II, Electronic Arts I, II, and II, and is currently enrolled in the final electronic arts class, Design Seminar.

Sam’s artwork from the photo lab. Artwork courtesy of Sam Steines.

Although digital artwork has always interested Steines, his expertise in the computer technology field is not limited to strictly creative activities.

Computer technology is a huge part of Steines’ background; he has built several custom computers for himself, friends, and family.

In addition to the ability to build custom computers, Steines has also constructed his own music recording studio to produce eclectic music alongside friend, senior Lucas Miller.

Miller spoke about his experience working with Steines.

“It’s always fun when we link up to make music or whatever creative project we’re feeling at the moment. I mean,  a lot of the time we’ll just hang out and let the inspiration come organically and then end up a couple of hours later with a brand new song. Like, on our own, we know that we can individually make good music, but I think the collaboration between us really elevates our music,” said Miller.

Steines is also well-versed on the fundamental side of computer technology as evidenced by his proficiency in both the AP and regular versions of the Computer Programming courses offered by teacher Ryan Leiphart.

Senior at Susky and future roommate of Steines Zak Kettinger noted Sam’s evolution as an artist over the past four years.

“Sam and I have been tight for a really long time now and when we got to high school we decided that it would be cool to take photography and electronic arts, which are both taught by Mr. Bowers. Here we are now, four years later, and I guess we both really clicked with the classes and stuck with it for the long run,” said Kettinger.

Sam’s artwork from the photo lab. Photo courtesy of Sam Steines.

After high school, Steines plans to attend Towson University and major in Computer Science.


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  1. Sierra Breeding on February 16th, 2017 10:53 am

    This was a great article about a great guy.


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Artist of the Week: Sam Steines