Artist of the Week: Emily Ditt

Mia Kobylski, Reporter

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  Sophomore Emily Ditt took her first photography class this year and instantly fell in love.

  Ditt focuses on the beauty of nature and animals, capturing the world around her.

  Ditt enjoys photographing birds her favorite type of bird is a parakeet.

  “I like to take pictures of things in nature. I’m really into birds,” said Ditt, “I like taking pictures of birds because they are my favorite animals… they’re little and nice and they don’t kill things…”

  In addition to birds, she also takes pictures of her pets, plants, other people and structures.

  Ditt’s friend, sophomore Angelica Hunt, enjoys Ditt’s photography and likes her creativity.

  “It is very full of nature. It is very serene and natural looking. She uses vibrant colors that contrast,” said Hunt.

  Ditt often takes multiple photos of the same thing to get the right angle and focus, taking time to perfect her shots.

  Ditt captures photos after rain or snow as well, dedicated to finding the perfect shot.

  She believes that she excels at digital art such as photography as opposed to fine art.

  She likes being able to take a quick snapshot of what she is seeing rather than take a long time on a painting or drawing.

  “Honestly, I’m better at it [photography], and I feel like I see things and it’s a more of a quicker action. It takes me a while to draw something, and it takes half a second to press a button,” said Ditt.

   She would really like to pursue a career in photography because it’s something she is really passionate about and enjoys doing; however she does not know if it will work out.  

Below are some samples of Ditt’s photos. Take a look!

Ditt uses many different angles to make a seemingly dull structure stand out against the blue sky. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

Ditt takes photos of her pets, such as her dog, Shelby. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

Here, a bird is captured resting in a tree. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

Pictured above is Ditt’s cat, Geppetto. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

She aims to get candid shots of things in nature, such as this bird perching on some rocks. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

Ditt often takes photos of birds like this one. Photo by: Emily Ditt.

Ditt captures photos after rain or snow to get shots like these. Photo by: Emily Ditt.