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Mini-THON Hosts Snow King Fundraiser Competition

Dan McNair, Video Editor

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Instead of hosting a “King of Hearts” fundraiser around Valentine’s day, as Student Council has done in many past years, Susquehannock’s mini-THON organization will take a different approach this year.

With a name true to the chilly temperatures outdoors, mini-THON will hold a “Snow King” fundraiser alongside Southern Community Services.

Rather than money, Southern Community Services is accepting donations of canned food for the holiday season.

Senior boys had the opportunity to enter as a candidate for “Snow King” and are asked to raise as much money in donations as possible.

Although only senior boys were able to enter the fundraising competition, the small pool of candidates is sure to make for an exciting and interesting competition. 

Michael Koval is always ready to fundraise, even during class. Photo courtesy of Michael Koval.

Senior Lee Cook was one of the first to sign up for the fundraiser

“My strategy isn’t too complicated, really. I’m just gonna ask my friends and family to donate if they can and probably try to rack up some more donations by promoting myself on twitter. Winning would be sweet, but the bigger picture is way more important to me and everyone else, since this is all about raising money to research childhood cancer at the end of the day,” said Cook.

The Mini-THON committee is fundraising to prepare for its’ main,  event of the year: the mini-THON.

Inspired by Penn State’s 48-hour long party-fundraiser combination, dubbed “‘Thon,” to raise money in support of childhood cancer research, local mini-THON chapters have popped up all around Pennsylvania.

Southern Middle School has held its’ own mini-THON for the past several years, but the event is finally making a leap to the high school.

Senior Michael Koval also signed up to contend for the title of “Snow King.”

Snow King candidate Lee Cook. Photo courtesy of Lee Cook.

“We haven’t really gotten started yet as far as donations are concerned, but I have no doubt that the competition will be pretty hype soon enough. I entered the fundraiser because I’m excited that the high school will finally be getting their own mini-THON. Back when I was in middle school, we raised a couple thousand dollars, so, we might be able to raise a lot more at the high school,” said Koval.

The mini-THON committee has had a very busy year so far, from canning for donations at athletic events and sponsoring the infamous Student vs. Staff Basketball game.

The local mini-THON organization will host their much-anticipated mini-THON on March 10, 2017.
For more information about the “Snow King” fundraiser and updates about mini-THON, Susky’s mini-THON runs a twitter account that can be found here.

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Mini-THON Hosts Snow King Fundraiser Competition