“Lincoln’s Promise Still Remains”

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Photo by Hannah Naylor

Lincoln’s Promise Still Remains

Lincoln’s promise to the veterans and their families is something that, at the time, was not only a thought of happiness, but a thought of sadness. Both the Civil War and slavery were at their end where the United States and the Confederate States of America fought over slavery and state rights opinions.

Lincoln won the presidential election in November of 1860; he created the First Inaugural Address during the Civil War, where he had made clear in his speech that there will either be peace or violence between the North and the South over slavery and civil rights. Lincoln’s words, “Shall it be peace, or the sword?” In 1863, he presented The Emancipation Proclamation which began to expose how Lincoln was going to begin treating the South by taking their property away, due to them wanting slavery and going against the Union.

During Lincoln’s Second Inauguration Speech, in 1865, he set a goal to show that there will be peace with all people in the United States; we are united as one and we will now begin to show it. In this speech, he stated that there will be “lasting peace among ourselves”, “malice towards none”, and “charity for all.” This war ended one month later. While managing the Civil War, Lincoln made a promise to take care of the soldiers in battle by keeping them safe, and he promised to take care of their families should they not return from battle. We keep this promise even today by making sure that the men and women who serve in our armed forces receive benefits throughout their lives. Veterans are paid well, which is a benefit to their families. They are given an education to show that we appreciate what they have done for us. They are given the strength and honor through motivation every day for what they have done to serve this country, from people saying “thank you” and showing their American Flags outside their homes as a symbol for our freedom. Their families are also shown different parts of honor for being able to support their loved ones while they are away fighting for their country.

We have presently created organizations to help our veterans, and provide them education, housing, medical aid. For us to keep Lincoln’s promise going forward, we, as a united country, need to continuously help the people that voluntarily kept our country safe. There are 5.3% of veterans who are currently unemployed and 40% of veterans are homeless. Our veterans deserve better medical aid and more job opportunities, along with housing for them and their families. Through even radios stations; things are broadcasted daily about supporting our troops. We need to keep our country notified that veterans need the nation’s help just as much as we need theirs. In doing so, we will keep Lincoln’s promise alive by helping the brave men and women who have previously, and continue to, voluntarily risk their lives for every citizen of the United States.

By Autumn Polanowski

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“Lincoln’s Promise Still Remains”