Susky Spirit Week: Thursday is Ninja Day!

Junior Jessica Voltaggio is sock-less and ready to fight.
Freshman Jeffrey Brady, Jr. uses his kung fu for the greater good.
Sophomore Carly-‘son’ Deter flips out for spirit week.
Junior Jake Yingling and senior Skyler Holtzapple keep the hallways safe for students.
Seniors (left to right) Jonathan Koller and Thomas Nace battle it out with plastic swords.
Social Studies Teacher Matt Amberman tries to defend himself from the ninja assailants (from left to right) sophomore Carly Deter and juniors Bryan Kerr, Zach Shelly, and Sara Cerreta.
Photography teacher Wade “Donatello” Bowers waits for trouble to strike.
Senior Elizabeth Lutz waits to strike in crane pose.
Science “Sensei” Barbara Nealon fights the “living dead.”
Freshman Ryan Denis is about to land a side kick!
Senior ninjas Jordan McGee and Emily Fodel battle for the forces of good and evil!