Susky Spirit Week: Wednesday is “Pick a Color Day”

They wear pink on Wednesdays!

They wear pink on Wednesdays!

Mikayla Mayoryk Reporter

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Junior Kathryn Jaskson is a “superstar”!

Freshman Joey McDonald and junior Katie Procopio waiting in the waiting line.

Junior  Brandon Speights rocks all orange.

Junior powder puff players (and cheerleader) Mike Jones , Olivia Bond, Alex Toben, and Sara Cerreta are ready to take on the seniors.

A group of students carries on a fun tradition of wearing pink on Wednesdays in the cafeteria.

Social Studies teacher Kimberly Johnson is dressed to be “pretty in pink.”

Seniors Samantha Leslie and Kristen Hedgeland jump for joy and school spirit.

Senior Alysha Simmons looking as yellow as a daisy.

Seniors Alyssa Denis, Gina Delpezzo, Rosanne Isang, Shannon McNeal, and Courtney Brant look tough and are ready to attempt to crush the juniors.

Senior Melissa Shallcross dresses in ice cold blue.

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