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Boys JV Soccer Continues their Winning Streak

Dan McNair, Reporter

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The Boys JV soccer team tied with a score of 1-1 in a rainy battle against Eastern, continuing their undefeated streak this season.

Throughout the majority of the match, the midfield players were key for both the Warriors and Eastern Golden Knights. Key players for the warriors included freshman Ben Wilson, junior Joe Lippy and sophomore Dylan Burke, who fought to maintain ball control in the midfield and work their possession into the Golden Knight’s defensive third of the field.

The first half was uneventful, with the only notable plays being a shot on goal by Burke and several goal kicks for both the Warriors and Golden Knights.

Both teams picked up the pace after halftime; the Warriors scored on a penalty kick by Lippy.

Varsity players had a lot to say about some of the calls made during the game. Senior and varsity soccer player Steve Rouse was not improessed.

“ Many things should have been called but they weren’t. It definitely mattered for the game,” said Rouse.

Fighting continued in the midfield throughout much of the second half until a wide shot by Eastern scored on the Warriors. Josh Smith of the Golden Knights shot on freshman Greyson Daviau to tie the match at 1-1.

The final minutes of the game had both parents and fans on the edge of their seats. Freshman Warrior Ben Sweigard shot on the Golden Knight’s goal with five minutes left and barely missed the post.

Finally, with seconds left in the game, Jack Holloway of the Warriors bounced the ball off of the goalpost on a penalty kick, ending the match with a tie.

Senior Varsity Captain Brady Gallegos focuses on the rest of the season.

“I feel like if we make playoffs, we will have a baseline and see where we are able to go from there,” said Gallegos.

The Warriors are looking forward to their match at 7:00 on Thursday at home against Spring Grove.

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Boys JV Soccer Continues their Winning Streak