Susky spirit week: Monday is a ‘fashion disaster’

Juniors Ashton Albon and Allison Fair, and Senior Leah Deter.

Juniors Ashton Albon and Allison Fair, and Senior Leah Deter.

Mikayla Mayoryk Reporter

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English teacher, Tim Groth, sips his coffee in not-so-matching corduroy and plaid.

From left to right, freshmen Amy Whitesell, Nic Williams, and Ryan Denis show their school spirit.

English teachers Tamara Kelley and Katherine Wilt show their support during Susky Spirit week.

Junior Taylor Shaffer and math teacher J.C. Lewis welcome students outside of Lewis’s room.

(From right to left) Sophomore Brooke McGee, junior Katie Norris, and senior Mackenzie Bates show school unity by dressing in a haphazard manner.





Senior Courtney Reed rocking some yellow heels and a Davy Crockett hat.

Juniors Ashton Albon and Allison Fair alongside of senior Leah Deter strut their Susky pride.

Senior Jordan McGee strikes a pose.

Junior Mackenzie Fancher, senior Molly Knox, and freshman Maggie Kaliszak show their school spirit.

Seniors Elizabeth Lutz and Samantha Leslie participate in their ‘fashion disaster’ get-up.

Senior Webster Burrier stands looking ‘fab-u-lous’

(From left to right) Consumer Sciences teacher Mary Tombesi, senior Casey Kelly, freshman Kelly Franz, and sophomore Anne Berg cook in style.

Stylish students wait in line during 4th period lunch.

Junior Jimmy Calhoun glances through a book.


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