Local Rita’s Opens, Aims to Delight with Classic Treats

By Grace Burns, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Shrewsbury’s popular Italian ice franchise Rita’s opened for the season on February 27 and is looking to please customers as it has for the past 30 years.

What began as a specialized business focusing on its signature Italian ice quickly grew into a booming corporation featuring numerous delectable treats, such as cream ice, frozen custard, gelatis, and Mistos.

The first beloved Italian ice franchise embraced humble beginnings as it was opened in 1984 by firefighter Bob Tumolo in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on a front porch. Within three years, Tumolo and his brother John opened three more locations.  The pair began selling franchises two years later.  Since then, Rita’s has expanded tremendously with over 600 stores all over not only the nation, but also the globe. The highly anticipated free Italian ice on the first day of spring has been a tradition since 1992.

Junior Laura Willem has been an employee at the franchise since last summer and is happily looking forward to resume working there.

“I like everything [about my job],” said Willem. “It’s hard to choose one thing.  I like the people who work there and … the people who come there.”

Clearly, student employees have favored the friendly work environment and look forward to serving customers each day.

Senior Allison Moltz, who is beginning her fourth season as a worker, has greatly enjoyed her experience at Rita’s so far.

“[What I enjoy most about my job is] my friendly coworkers and boss that put care before money,” said Moltz.

Store manager Tony Miller has been in charge of the franchise since 2006 and has been thrilled with the performance of his employees.

“The joy of owning this place, truly, is having the young people work here,” said Miller.

Not only do the delicious, frozen treats attract customers from all over town, but the inviting and cheerful experience at the counter are sure to make a great impression.