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Yearbook Distribution Satisfies SHS

Ally Kerr, Assistant Sports Editor

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The 2015-2016 yearbooks were distributed in lunches during the week of April 25-29. The students seemed to have positive remarks about the yearbook and are happy with the outcome.

  • Lily Yoakum
    Lily Yoakum
    "The yearbook is beautiful, creative, and it looks like the staff spent a lot of time in it. My favorite page is the Susky Selfies because it's different and funny," Yoakum said.
  • Maggie Kaliszak
    Maggie Kaliszak
    "I really like all of the names on the cover and the layouts throughout the book. My favorite page is Student Council because it showcases a lot of the events we've done throughout the year," Kaliszak said.
  • Stephen Rouse
    Stephen Rouse
    "I like the yearbook a lot. It's very cool,and I liked how the staff incorporated the theme. My favorite page is the boys soccer page because it represents our successful season," Rouse said.
  • Dan Pergrin
    Dan Pergrin
    "The yearbook is hype because it's colorful and has funny pictures. The Susky Selfie page is my favorite because it's different and modern," Pergrin said.
  • Maddie McGowan
    Maddie McGowan
    "I like the yearbook. It's creative and very colorful. My favorite page is the Link Crew page because I remember the memories and being a part of Link Crew," McGowan said.
  • Connor Hood
    Connor Hood
    "The yearbook captured a lot of good moments from the school year. My favorite page is the Closing because the pictures show the diversity of our school," Hood said.
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The student news site of Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.
Yearbook Distribution Satisfies SHS